Notorious Mom is the mom of one daughter embarking on adulthood, one son trying to survive his final years of High School, and one daughter about to enter Middle School.  Her family would not be complete without her amazing husband; the one she calls her best friend.  Along this crazy journey, there have been some bumps in the road with the youngest daughter’s health.  Learning to navigate the waters of chronic illness have been difficult, but inspiring at the same time.  This blog started as an outlet, a way to heal and let others know they are not alone; the path has been walked before.  Now, this blog is a place of self-discovery and reflection.  Whether it be about the mom life, chronic illness, relationships, or just life in general; maybe you’ll hear something that was meant just for you.  If you can gain anything from this journey, then please follow this blog; comment and share as you feel appropriate.  Thank you for taking the time to read the ramblings of a mom who cares.

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